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September Newsletter

Posted on 19/09/2013 at 10:41By Corpdata

We’ve been busy over the summer. Not just this summer but the one before and the one before that and … Yes it has taken quite a long time, five years in fact, and lots of hard work but we can at la…

Something New

We’ve been busy over the summer. Not just this summer but the one before and the one before that and … Yes it has taken quite a long time, five years in fact, and lots of hard work but we can at last share the fruits of those labours.

Focus Lite is our new file modelled using our existing IT Focus detail to extend IT usage over 170,000 of our telephone researched sites.

We engaged a University of Plymouth KTP Associate to work with us. He spent 3 years and, with assistance from the University of Dortmund in Germany, helped us develop specific data mining and modelling skills. Then we spent another two years testing, refining and testing again until we were happy that the modelled results meet our standards of giving value to our clients.

If you know our Focus files you will know just how detailed and accurate they are and whilst Focus Lite is not quite in that league, hence the lower cost, we are very confident you’ll be happy with the results.

If your target markets include IT contacts why not contact your Account Manager and have a chat about Focus Lite – it could be just what you have been waiting over 5 years for!

Looking Good?

We don’t know how you feel but just in the last few weeks we have become aware of business people becoming significantly more positive. If you can spare one minute do our quick survey.

Whilst statistics seem to suggest very modest growth figures things seem, at last, to be moving in the right direction in some sectors, which of course presents opportunity for some.

News reports seem to be painting a more positive picture. If this gain in confidence is real and many now have more optimism, perhaps new business acquisition planning seems to be shifting from ‘if’ to ‘when’.

Every stage of each business cycle tests your nerve, on the up its challenging you to choose the right time to invest and act, when your campaign will both generate a good response and your action is timely and ahead of the pack that will all dive in to feed. If you think the time is right to act, and you are going to use direct marketing to tell the world about what you have to offer its still important to get the very best return.

No one wants to waste marketing budget so what better way of starting some meaningful communications than with an accurate list of real prospects.

Whether you plan to communicate by post, email or telephone our data consultants will work with you to help you target and connect to your potential customers in the most cost efficient way.

All it takes is a phone call to 01626 777400.

Click here for the survey, its only three questions-thanks for doing it.

Planning your Autumn Campaigns?

As anyone involved in B2B marketing knows, Autumn can be a very responsive time, summer is over and there is work to do.

People come back refreshed after their holidays and are looking to get things moving.

We would like to help you get your marketing campaigns moving and with hundreds of thousands of contacts with postal addresses, telephone numbers, personal or generic email addresses all that it could take is a quick phone call to 01626 777400.

Our data consultants will be sure to help you find that elusive list of the people you need to talk to and only the people you need to talk to.

Scott & Leah Join Our Team

We have recently welcomed two new members to our team of Data Consultants, Leah Reeman and Scott Parker.

Their induction has gone really well, both are now fully-fledged members of the team and even seem to be enjoying themselves!

When asked what she thought of it so far, Leah says “Talking with clients has been great, I can already tell how much my training and product knowledge has been tested against quite a few unusual enquiries; but each discussion with a client adds a little to my understanding of how best to match their plans to the lists we can supply. I am finding that the more clients I meet, the more my confidence grows. The guys in the team are amazing, it's like we're all a happy family. Everyone has been so keen to help, I really enjoy coming to work!”

A few words from Scott “I'm really enjoying the job, and enjoying helping people to get the list they need. Its really satisfying to be making a difference and talking to our clients is always interesting”.

Both continue the Corpdata tradition of providing excellent customer service.

More New Information -

We may be at the end of this newsletter but we haven’t finished with the new stuff yet!

Lots of things have been going on at Corpdata. We’ve already told you about Focus Lite and now there is our new online directory – is Corpdata’s amazingly comprehensive B2B directory, which covers every major industry in the UK. We believe it is simply the best directory of its kind, crammed with key decision makers at top UK businesses.

Looking for suppliers near you or someone to talk to about a specific aspect of your business then make your first port of call – it could save lots of time.