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Help your client strike the core with their marketing and benefit your business while doing so.

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Corpdata's Reseller Service

If you’re looking to provide industry-leading B2B data to your Clients, it’s win-win with Corpdata. Your Clients will get the freshest, most targeted, most reliable data available and you’ll get the most generous terms and the full Corpdata service.

At Least 30% Margin

We forge partnerships with our resellers, not just business relationships. We know you want not only to supply high quality, accurate data, but also a profitable solution. So our reseller margin is never less than 30%.

Personal Account Manager

Our experienced data consultants know our data inside out and your Account Manager is there to support you and help you serve the needs of your clients, promptly. So whether it's helping you to help your client strategically plan their direct marketing, we'll do our utmost to help their campaigns deliver successful results.

Personalised Results

Your branding, not ours. With Corpdata, we can ensure that the results you present to your Clients carry your brand. Present your clients with their results fully personalised with your company's logo and contact details. Simply supply us with the text and graphics of your choice and we do the rest for free!

Where Can I find out more?

You can see everything about our reseller service in our downloadable brochure. Just click the link below.

Download Reseller Brochure

And there's more!

As well as the reseller specific benefits you also get all the advantages of Corpdata's premium data!

Accurate Data

You will spend less time dealing with customer problems because Corpdata data is so FRESH! We update all the data on a continuous cycle and prioritize potential problems. We know our data’s the best.

Your customers will appreciate the excellent results and low wastage from Corpdata data - and that's a feather in your cap!

Quality Guarantee

If you or your clients find any company or contact gone-aways we will replace them with a 2 for 1 double your money back quality guarantee*.

Same Day Delivery

Your clients always want to get on with their campaigns NOW, right? Well, we'll turn-around your data analysis and list proposal so fast, you'll normally get it within the hour, but always within a working day. That’s a promise.

* Email addresses are not covered by our data guarantees due to higher than normal decay rates and bounces caused by reasons other than data quality

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Interested in becoming a Corpdata reseller? Call us on 01626 777 400 and we'll assign you your personal account manager today!