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Corpdata has built a reputation for quality and accuracy that is the envy of the UK data industry, offering a range of products specifically created to satisfy the needs of UK business marketers.

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Our B2B Product Range

We offer a number of B2B data products grouped into four categories. Can't see exactly what you're looking for here? Give us a call on 01626 777 400.

UK Business Products

Comprehensive B2B databases covering all industries and almost all of the UK’s actively trading organisations.

Corpdata Business Premium

Business Premium consists of 300,000 of the UK’s top businesses with almost universal coverage of organisations with more than 25 employees.

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Corpdata Site Only

Corpdata introduced the 'Site Only' database to help marketers target lesser requested segments. The resulting file contains over 1.3 million actively trading UK organisations.

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Trade Products

Comprehensive files covering most suppliers and service providers in the UK and offering enhanced targeting.

IT Trade

A comprehensive database of the UK's IT suppliers and service providers, the Corpdata IT Trade file is indispensable if you need to reach organisations in this sector.

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Telecoms Trade

With comprehensive coverage of all the key players in the telecoms industry, this database has become recognised as a vital part of finding telecoms channel partners.

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Marketing & Media Trade

Look no further for a comprehensive database from the largest to the very smallest of companies and contacts working in the Marketing and Media industry.

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Building & Construction Trade

Complete coverage of the dynamic UK construction industry and enables you to pinpoint the specialist areas of work undertaken by the organisations.

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Focus Products

Detailed databases of the UK's most significant users of products and services in specific sectors.

IT Focus

Incorporates some of the largest blue-chip organisations currently trading in the UK and provides an in-depth analysis of IT hardware and software used on site.

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Telecoms Focus

An invaluable guide for anyone marketing in the telecoms industry, containing extensive information about the telecoms infrastructure of many of the UK's largest companies.

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Fleet Focus

Corpdata’s Fleet Focus data has huge coverage of over 40,000 sites and spans all industries. If your business is about vehicles, Fleet Focus is an essential companion.

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Call Centre Focus

Almost universal coverage of UK call centres from size to types of work. Offers Call Centre and Customer Service decision maker contact information.

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Online Focus

Extensive information about the websites of many of the UK's largest companies, including detailed information on web technologies in use.

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Focus Lite

Modelled IT usage data based on our best of breed IT Focus product, but vastly extending the coverage, and available at a better price point too.

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Specialist Products

Immediate access to over 1,500 of the UK's most powerful contacts.

Stock Market 350

Stock Market 350 provides access to over 1,500 of the most influential business contacts in the UK. It may be a small file, but it packs a mighty economic punch!

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