Telecoms Trade

Comprehensive coverage of key players in the telecoms industry

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Our Telecoms Trade File

With comprehensive coverage of all the key players in the telecoms industry, this database has become recognised as a vital part of finding telecoms channel partners.

The File

Having started by becoming the UK's premiere supplier of data about the IT industry, it was natural that Corpdata should move towards the telecoms industry also. The convergence of IT and telecoms has further highlighted Corpdata's pedigree.

The Details

The Telecoms database boasts the exceptional quality and accuracy you would expect from Corpdata, with all contacts continually updated. This guarantees accurate and up to date information, essential for good marketing results.


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Targeting Possibilities

Customise your data based on your your specific criteria.
Just a few of the targeting options available for Telecoms Trade include:

  • Location
  • Decision Maker
  • Head Office
  • Industry
  • Telecoms Manufacturer
  • TSP
  • Peripherals
  • Mobile Communications
  • Networking
  • And Many More!

Decision Makers Available

Each organisation in Telecoms Trade has details of up to 15 different decision making contacts available:

  • Senior
  • Financial
  • Marketing
  • Computing
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Telecoms
  • Personnel
  • Network
  • Fleet
  • Health & Safety
  • Facilities
  • E-commerce
  • Call Centre
  • Customer Services

Licensing & Pricing Information

When purchasing from our Telecoms Trade file you can choose from a variety of standard license types designed to suit your campaign and budget

12 Month Use

Most popular license

Use as often as required for 12 months

£300.00 per 1,000 records

Optional Updates

Available for an additonal fee
Please ask your data consultant

Single Campaign Use

Use as often as required within 1 month

£200.00 per 1,000 records

Eternal Use

Use as often as required eternally

£400.00 per 1,000 records

Customise Your Data

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