Data Enhancement & Cleansing

Ensure your valuable marketing data is kept at its best with Corpdata's enhancement and cleansing services.

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Data Enhancement & Cleansing Services

Using out of date or badly targeted information can be costly and damaging to your brand and reputation. Corpdata’s update, enhancement & analysis service ensures that your company does not waste valuable marketing resources.

Data Cleansing

Corrects or removes details which are either inaccurate or of poor quality from databases or mailing lists to eliminate wastage. Areas where we can help are:

  • Incorrect Formatting
  • Typos
  • Duplicated Data
  • Incorrect Addresses
  • Incorrect Telephone Numbers
  • Contact Goneaways
  • Company No Longer Trading

Regular cleansing of data ensures that the quality and accuracy remains at a consistently high level and so allows you the highest response rates from those you contact.

Data Enhancement

Our data enhancement adds value to your data. Additional data can be added to existing business lists, allowing for a more comprehensive insight into a customers profile.

  • Additional Contacts
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Annual Turnover
  • Email Addresses
  • Other Branches
  • SIC Codes
  • And Much More!

There are a variety of data enhancement options that can be opted for, all of which will allow a deeper understanding of customers through segmentation and insight.

Did You Know?

Data can change on a week by week basis. In just one month:

10,000 businesses change their address or decison makers
20,000 businesses register on the TPS, FPS, CTPS or MPS lists
100,000 postcodes change

Data sourced from ONS, 2015

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