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October Newsletter

Posted on 22/10/2015 at 11:17By Corpdata

Corpdata are over the moon to let you know that our sponsored racing driver, Richard Mitchell is HSCC Historic Formula Ford 1600 Champion 2015. Richard's last race at Silverstone of the fifteen race…

And the winner is… No 93 – Richard Mitchell HSCC Champion 2015


Corpdata are over the moon to let you know that our sponsored racing driver, Richard Mitchell is HSCC Historic Formula Ford 1600 Champion 2015. Richard's last race at Silverstone of the fifteen race season offered his final opportunity to show why he has won this seasons championship so convincingly.

It’s been a tough season of close racing. To win the crown in your first season says so much about Richard’s potential for the future. Our Company is proud to have had Richard wear our logo through what has been a season of many ups and a few downs. It’s a fantastic achievement.

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Focus on FOCUS, Focus on TRADE

ScalesCorpdata files are the best you can get; accurate, up to date and DETAILED. Every day our tele-research team identify people and the jobs they do. They also capture what companies offer and what companies use, details that are incredibly useful when you come to targeting contacts with marketing communications which are relevant. The more relevant your call, letter or email is the better your marketing campaign result.

Our files offer you real choice, not only of decision maker (many sites have multiple decision makers; senior, finance, sales, marketing and more) but our TRADE and FOCUS files let you select contacts on the basis of what companies use (FOCUS) or what companies offer (TRADE).

Target who you need to connect with by choosing from:

Corpdata FOCUS files - IT FOCUS; desktops, portables, files servers, Cloud users, VOIP users, on line sellers. Telecoms FOCUS; numbers of lines, annual spend, mobiles, mobile carriers. Fleet FOCUS; fleets of vehicles, cars and or vans and or lorries. Call Centre FOCUS; type of call centre, number of seats.

Corpdata TRADE files – IT TRADE; IT dealers, maintainers, consultants, manufacturers, assemblers and more. Telecoms TRADE – Telecoms dealers, least
cost routers, mobile operators Marketing & Media TRADE identifying marketing, advertising and publishing service providers. Building & Construction TRADE Identifying specific activities within the UK construction sector, Civil Engineering, Commercial building, Electrical Service Provision and much more.

European Data Protection Regulation – on going

data-protectionNot long ago we wrote about the potential impact changes in European data regulation will have on using of information both in consumer and business-to-business markets.

It’s a complex issue so it comes as little surprise to us that discussions about EU data protection reforms have encountered a new delay, following concerns raised in the so-called trialogue negotiations between the EU Parliament, European Council and European Commission.

The latest delays have arisen because both the Parliament and Commission are concerned that the most recent amendments to the draft EU Data Protection Regulation will bring the standard of data protection to below that of the current 1995 Data Protection Directive.

Further discussions are continuing place this month, which means reforms will likely not be passed until early next year. If agreement is reached the legislation is unlikely to come into force before the middle of 2018.

Whilst there is still some way to go before agreement and your new legal obligations, we think it’s wise to prepare for some of the likely privacy and data protection changes which might have impact on you and your business?

The thrust of the legislative remains -

• Giving individuals more control of their own data, with greater emphasis being placed on consent and so opting in to what you might want to do with their details. The opposite will apply as well with the headline grabbing ‘right to be forgotten’ which places limits on your ability to process and use today’s data in future.

• The portability of data to other service providers; this to encourage greater marketing competition.

• Move powerful enforcement, bigger fines, up to 5% of global turnover or €100m whichever is the greater, and also taken into account will be the impact of any data misuse on those it affects.

• A so called One-Stop Shop which will make it easier for anyone to complain about how their personal data has been used.

There are still many uncertainties surrounding what might actually become law but we think you do need to keep an eye on developments and develop some sensible plans to make sure you are not wrong footed. Think about your use of personal data, how you store it and what it’s used for, and if you do source business lists ensure it comes from a reputable source. If you don’t already do this, think about someone in your organisation becoming your data controller, a person who is tasked with understanding and advising on the impact on your operations and future strategy.

Given the much greater reliance on consent either given or withdraw, do think more carefully about your marketing communications and those you target with them. The right people should receive a relevant message.