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July Newsletter

Posted on 18/07/2014 at 10:00By Corpdata

If it can work for you there is good reason to consider direct mail.
Figures available from the Royal Mail claim that more than 90% of direct mail is opened and last year 48% of adults took action a…

To Mail or not to Mail… and if you do integrate

If it can work for you there is good reason to consider direct mail.

Figures available from the Royal Mail claim that more than 90% of direct mail is opened and last year 48% of adults took action after receiving direct mail, proving that mailing by post continues to be a powerful medium in its own right.

But as part of an integrated campaign, direct mail can work to amplify results. Combine it with TV for instance and you could see a 36% improvement in ROI, whilst insights from the market research company BMRB show that social network users are more likely to be frequent responders to direct mail than the average British adult.

Mailing catalogues can have a positive effect on online retailing and, in another study, 74% of email marketers experienced success when combining email with direct mail.

Having acquired new customers, direct mail can also be used to good effect in retaining and building their loyalty. Being easy to personalise it is much easier to make individual customers feel special, keep them aware and engaged and build a strong customer relationship.

The inclusion of direct mail in a Business to Business market, needs just two things; well planned printed material and the best quality data, which of course just requires a call to 01626 777400.

Focus on

Like all our FOCUS files, Fleet Focus is the result of telephone interviews which generate real and difficult to get detail, and as the name suggests Fleet Focus shines a light on vehicles and who controls them.

Corpdata’s Fleet Focus covers 40,000 + sites, spanning all industries, and includes up to date details identifying the Fleet decision maker, together with the types and quantities of vehicles operated by the organisation. If you are in the vehicle supply or vehicle service sector having accurate and up to date information of company vehicles and who controls them is hugely important. You can target the person you need to connect with and do so armed with an understanding of the vehicles they currently operate.

Our research teams thorough approach to getting the details right lets you select your ideal list by using not only; geography, decision making contact, employee size, industry, head office but also by numbers of:


If you need to target fleet decision makers, now is the time. Corpdata are offering a 20% discount during July, find out more.

Marketing Week Live

We haven’t been back home in Devon for long but the exhibition once again gave us a fantastic opportunity to touch base with many of our South East based clients.

Marketing Week Live continues to evolve, this years show being sectioned in a different way. Not only did our clients find us, but we also made many new contacts amongst those planning direct marketing in the coming months.

A couple of diary dates; TFM&A 2015 – 25, 26th February 2015 and MWL 2015 – 29, 30th April 2015.

How Fresh is Yours?

Over the last 20 years, Corpdata’s reputation has been built on supplying the most accurate and up-to-date direct marketing contacts.

Whilst the way we research and refine our lists has evolved over time, Corpdata lists are still compiled specifically for direct marketing. This means each of our telephone researchers do their best to confirm details that marketing campaign planners find key to delivering very good campaign results; be it number of employees on site, or broadband provider or simply making sure names are fully spelt and correct, in fact any number of characteristics which help distinguish those people with a greater likelihood of having a propensity to buy.

Our research team is based in here in Teignmouth and its certainly no place to do sloppy work; each tele-researcher is regularly coached to keep the standard of accuracy at the level we demand. To join the research team your competence is tested to make sure you make NO errors, that is an error that impacts on our data’s usefulness; a name misspelt, or an incorrect email address. If you listened to work chit chat you would soon realise how much we all care about getting things right. Whilst our team often confirm that the Company is a great place to work, we continue to check every person’s work on an on going basis, using random checking and peer feedback to make sure we continue to get things as right as we can.

When we make a research call we not only have to get the details spot on, but we have to refresh our database to make sure that it remains accurate and up to date; did you know, for instance, that each month in the UK:

• 10,000 businesses change their address and contact data.
• 20,000 companies register with the MPS, CTPS, TPS or FPS.
• There are over 100,000 postcode changes.
• 280,000 business goneaways occur.

What does all this mean. It means any data, any list of business contacts, even the most accurate, can lose its shine in a relatively short time. We all know that using an out of date list just doesn’t get the same results because there are fewer of the right connections being made. This happens because the person or organisation isn’t where it was, or it becomes difficult to accurately target the people you need to reach. So a poor list gives a poor return and can also inflict some reputational damage for good measure.

We all know data isn’t static; it’s changing all the time, our research team might phone up and our database might then be perfect for someone to leave five minutes later, it happens. Here are 3 facts about UK data changes in just 1 year:

• 175,000 people of working age die
• 250,000 businesses cease trading
• 1.25 million postcodes change

Why not ask about our data cleansing and enhancement services. We not only refresh our own data, we can clean or enhance lists that are self built or supplied from elsewhere – speak with us about what you have, we’ll tell you what we need to apply our spit and polish.