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A closer look: Corpdata Focus Files

Posted on 16/07/2019 at 10:30By Corpdata

Despite the widespread popularity of Corpdata Focus Files, they are too often unknown by marketing and sales professionals. In this update we’ll offer you all you need to know to allow you to under…
Detailed Infrastructure Direct Marketing Targeting

Despite the widespread popularity of Corpdata Focus Files, they are too often unknown by marketing and sales professionals. In this update we’ll offer you all you need to know to allow you to understand what they are and how they give your marketing a lift and aim to ensure you know enough about the products to benefit where appropriate.


Every marketing and sales professional knows the critical importance of getting your target right. Countless marketing campaigns have floundered and limitless sales hours have been squandered merely because the audience was poorly selected or qualified.

The more specific, or perhaps complex, a product or service, the greater the significance of excellent targeting. This is precisely the purpose of the Corpdata Focus family of data products, to enable precise targeting using complex infrastructural details.

What are the Corpdata Focus files?

The Corpdata Focus Files are a family of marketing data files which allow B2B marketers and sales managers to target organisations and decision makers based on the equipment, or infrastructure, they employ.

The Corpdata Focus files provide additional levels of intelligence and can be used in conjunction with the targeting of Corpdata Premium data, such as size of the organisation, industry sector, or geographic location.

This powerful combination greatly improves ROI by ensuring a ‘target rich environment’.

The concept applies equally to all the Corpdata Focus family of products. They are:

  • IT Focus
  • Telecoms Focus
  • Call Centre Focus
  • Fleet Focus
  • Online Focus

The Focus files contain information about the infrastructure of organisations in the various sectors described in their names. Usage of IT is detailed in IT Focus, usage of telecoms in Telecoms Focus and so on.

For example, Corpdata Fleet Focus lets you identify organisations by the types and quantities of vehicles used. This enables Corpdata customers to select prospects with a high confidence that they represent suitable targets for their efforts, such as organisations with fleets of at least 5 vans, or 10 company cars.

Read on to look at each of the files in more detail.

Focus Fact

All Corpdata Focus files are fully telephone researched. That means we have asked, and had answered, each and every question. EXCEPT Online Focus! ...which is also based upon the information we have found out from the online offerings of the organisations.

IT Infrastructure Targeting for Lists

IT Focus

Organisations typically use a blended approach to IT nowadays, using elements of in-house and outsourcing, which we have collated, in areas such as:
  • web development
  • software development
  • database services
  • hardware maintenance
In addition the file shows the top-line scale of the infrastructure, such as:
  • number of IT staff
  • number of desktop computers
  • number of portable computers
  • number of servers

Focus Fact

Corpdata have been researching highly detailed information about organisations for over 20 years. The first data product was called IT Focus, and ‘focused’ (see what we did there?) on the on site IT infrastructure.

Focus Fact

IT Focus was originally offered by Corpdata and EMAP Direct as a product on 3½“ floppy disks! (remember those?)

The file also details ISPs in use, whether the organisation uses cloud services, or sell products or services online.

If you sell IT products or services, you should consider using IT Focus to find more suitable prospects, but above all to improve your results!

For more information please see the IT Focus product page including pricing

... or watch our short YouTube video introduction to the IT Focus file

Telecoms Infrastructure Targeting for Lists

Telecoms Focus

Telecommunications is one cornerstone of any business and Telecoms Focus concentrates on the solutions organisations have deployed in this space. For those of you who have used the file in the past, it still covers fixed wire and mobile telecoms with:
  • number of fixed wire lines or handsets
  • quarterly spend
  • service providers used

For PBX installers and maintainers, rest assured we have retained information about PBX age and manufacturer. However recent changes mean we have updated the file, dropping outdated technologies in favour of finding users of:
  • VoIP services
  • audio or video conferencing
  • smartphones
  • premium rate, freephone and non-geo lines

Focus Fact

Telecoms Focus has evolved significantly over it’s fifteen years, such as expanding from ‘ISDN’ back then to include ‘Voice over IP’ now.

Call now to find new customers for your telecoms services

For more information please see the Telecoms Focus product page including pricing

... or watch our short YouTube video introduction to the Telecoms Focus file

Call Centre Infrastructure Targeting for Lists

Call Centre Focus

Call Centre Focus allows you to select your prospects by using the variety and scale of the call centres in use. This means you can identify organisations by:
  • number of call centres
  • seats in the UK
  • seats on site
  • inbound or outbound calling handled
  • regions of the world covered and languages spoken

Additionally, we have researched what work the call centres undertake as a percentage of the whole. Areas covered are:
  • appointment setting
  • response handling
  • marketing
  • customer services
  • helpline operations

Focus Fact

Corpdata have been running an outbound call centre for years, our knowledge of the sector informed the product, allowing us to identify the items of most value to suppliers in the field.

Finally you can target by technologies and manufacturers or service providers used for the following products:
  • telecoms service providers
  • PBX / switch
  • predictive dialler
  • automatic call distributor (ACD)
  • integrated voice recognition (IVR)
  • computer telephony integration (CTI)

For more information please see the Call Centre Focus product page including pricing

... or watch our short YouTube video introduction to the Call Centre Focus file

Call Centre Infrastructure Targeting for Lists

Fleet Focus

Running a fleet of vehicles is a significant undertaking for an organisation, and getting the vehicles is often only the start! Corpdata provides for the needs of this vibrant yet cut-throat sector with Fleet Focus, and it’s simply about the size and type of the fleet deployed.

You can target organisations based on the type and number of vehicles deployed as follows:

  • cars
  • vans
  • lorries
  • motorbikes
  • plant
  • taxis
  • buses

Focus Fact

This file is so good, when we asked a delighted customer (a prestige German vehicle manufacturer) for a testimonial they refused!

They said: "I don’t want my competitors to know about Corpdata Fleet Focus.”

Says it all doesn’t it?

For more information please see the Fleet Focus product page including pricing

... or watch our short YouTube video introduction to the Fleet Focus file

Online Infrastructure Targeting for Lists

Online Focus

Our newest Corpdata Focus file is Online Focus so here’s some detail letting you understand what it is and why it may be a very valuable resource for you.

Online Focus is unique, no other list puts you directly in contact with the organisations behind online!

Online Focus, just like it’s longer established siblings, looks at the use organisations are making of the online space, do they trade or are they only offering a brochure. We enable you to identify organisations engaged in eCommerce, using third-party online stores, those accepting payments online and the methods by which they do so, or those that have a secure ‘members area’; Invaluable information to many of our customers!

Focus Fact

Online Focus is the first, and only Corpdata data product to feature non-telephone researched information – but don’t worry, the online information is married to the top-quality contact information ensuring you the best results.

The file also contains information about the footprint of organisations in the social media space and blogosphere, including how widely they work, and also how much they invest. So if you are a copywriter and you would like to target online traders who haven’t updated their blog recently ... look no further!

Another area considers the investment into the user experience, or front-end, covering:

  • website media and features
  • integration of live chat
  • mobile friendliness and apps offered
  • use of reputation based services
  • use of third party adverts
  • partners organisations

Are you a web design agency looking for organisations who can benefit from your skills? Now you can find organisations who are investing in user experience.

Then there is the back-end, the whizzy bits that keep it all working:
  • content management systems
  • server technologies
  • website technologies and languages
  • Google services used
  • analytics deployed
  • marketing platforms leveraged
  • externally hosted sites
  • use of HTTPS/TLS/SSL

Focus Fact

Online Focus links over 1.6 million online presences to over 310,000 real world organisations in the UK, 25% of whom are involved in eCommerce.

For the digital agency, or the hosting company there are almost boundless possibilities.

For the recruitment, data protection, compliance and legal sectors, we have information about:

  • cookie usage and policies
  • quality standards
  • real world transparency
  • online recruitment

In the modern era it’s all about online. If you aren’t being bombarded by offers for every conceivable online service you’re extremely lucky! But all this means it’s a very congested space. If you need to cut through the noise, if you need your message to resonate, make sure you have great targeting.

For more information please see the Online Focus product page including pricing

... or watch our short YouTube video introduction to the Online Focus file

Unsure about how you could use this?

Don’t worry if you can’t think how to leverage the information these products contain, that is what our Data Consultants are here for. They will commit their considerable knowledge, experience and expertise to ensuring your campaign delivers!

Call us now on 01626 777400, it’s free, there’s no obligation, you have nothing to lose ... and it might just revolutionise your results!

... or watch our YouTube playlist about the Focus files, which include some example use cases to get you off and running!