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B2B marketing tips - email (part 3)

Posted on 04/09/2014 at 09:00By Corpdata

This is the next blog in our series of suggestions "B2B email marketing tips (part 2)" on how to create more effective emails:

Your content will change with each email. But B2B marketing…

B2B Email Marketing Tips - Part 3

B2B marketing tips

B2B Data Experts - Tips for Email B2B marketing

This is the next blog in our series of suggestions "B2B email marketing tips (part 2)" on how to create more effective emails:

  1. Brand

  2. Your content will change with each email. But B2B marketing is largely about consistency, so it’s a good idea to retain any themes such as the colour scheme, logo and even a 'house style' of writing. Winning a new customer can take many 'touches' before rapport and understanding is properly built, and you hope that rapport will strengthen over time. Your reader needs to remember you and relate to the evolving relationship. Keeping these elements consistent will also avoid any clash if, as you hope, they move from your email to your website.

  3. Share

  4. "If you liked this email": add a link in your newsletter that will encourage your readers to forward your newsletter to others. Perhaps it’s worth considering adding a 'register for future emails' option. This allows new viewers to register for future email. In B2B marketing, a growing opt-in list will always be a bonus!

  5. Call to action

  6. Having excited the reader about the benefits of your products and services, they need to know how to move forward. Normal B2B marketing practice says it is good to include a link or two to your web page, as well as an email address, your phone number and postal address. It’s often a very good idea to inject a sense of urgency and encourage action NOW! Maybe a time limited special offer – it helps to avoid undoing all your efforts, you have got them interested but it’s not uncommon for people to forget. Most of all, tell them what to do: "Call us now!"

  7. "Consciously uncouple"

  8. Think hard about how you sign-off. In the last set of tips we shared the importance of a consistent personality. Your B2B marketing strategy should aim for consistency across the board. Perhaps your your company prides itself on being professional, so perhaps a formal sign-off is suitable – perhaps you have cultivated the persona of 'alternative, avant-garde or new', so you should sign off accordingly, perhaps just stopping! Your parting words and the impression they leave are almost as important as your first impression and needs to be tuned to fit you and your organisation.

  9. Clearly display a link for recipients to unsubscribe

  10. Make sure that recipients can easily find the feature to unsubscribe from the newsletter. This will show the integrity of your business ... and anyway it’s the law!

We hope you have found this series of blogs useful and have been able to start creating more effective B2B marketing emails. If you’re looking to buy B2B data for email marketing campaigns then contact us for an alternative quote.

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