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B2B email marketing tips (part 2)

Posted on 28/08/2014 at 09:00By Corpdata

This blog continues our series of suggestions "B2B email marketing tips (part 1)" on how to create more effective emails:

Be original (if you can)
Find key words or phrases, ideally which are fre…

B2B Email Marketing Tips - Part 2

Tips on email marketing

B2B Data Experts - Tips for B2B email marketing

This blog continues our series of suggestions "B2B email marketing tips (part 1)" on how to create more effective emails:

  1. Be original (if you can)

  2. Find key words or phrases, ideally which are fresh, to include in your email marketing that appeal to your readers and will encourage them to read on.


  4. Just a reminder, do not try to trick people about the content of the email marketing. If something is not at the heart of your message, don’t promise that it will be.

  5. Get to the point

  6. You can include a surprisingly large amount of information . . . but only so long as your reader has some motivation to read the next bit. BUT everyone is busy, so it’s wise to not beat around the bush. Make your point quickly and avoid boring the reader who may simply zap the message.

  7. Easy to read

  8. To make your email easier to read use short paragraphs (max 5 lines) which each written to correspond to one of your themes.

    It’s useful to use bullet points to make speed-reading both easier and faster. 
    You can highlight text, changing the style or font colour for example. BUT don’t over do it, you will create something messy. Sometimes worse is to over design your email marketing so that it looks like an advert. Be especially careful of using extensive HTML to 'beautify' – some SPAM filters will block too much HTML.

    Use simple vocabulary. Avoid using too much jargon or acronyms, they can confuse and annoy people. The contact may not know you or your business. If your language is too technical you might not be understood, which leads to the predictable outcome – delete.

  9. Your newsletters should reflect your corporate 'personality'

  10. Your clients may have a vision of you as a certain type of organisation, maybe formal, professional or friendly. So unless you intend to change your style, your email marketing should reflect your 'ethos' otherwise you risk confusing the recipient. Equally, even if you are introducing yourself to a new prospect, use a a style you would be comfortable using on the phone or meeting face-to-face. Put a little of you in the newsletter – maybe humour, anecdote, opinion or personal details . . . but definitely some of your style.

We’ll conclude our 3rd blog in this series of blogs next week with our final suggestions on creating effective emails.

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