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Plain English Terms & Conditions

  1. Data you license from Corpdata is for direct marketing usage only. It is intended to enable you to promote your products and services by direct marketing. You must not use the data in any other way, especially not for creating a data product or resource to be offered to anyone else or any product or service which could compete with Corpdata.
  2. The data and the knowledge it contains is always the property of Corpdata. This agreement simply allows you to use the data in the ways that have been agreed.
  3. You must not keep any copies of this data except when a prospect purchases from you and so becomes a customer. Then you can create your own record based on the original record.
  4. You agree to pay invoices before the end of the payment terms we have agreed. If you have a query about your invoice you must tell us as soon as you notice, and within 7 days.
  5. The data will be available for download within one working day of us receiving your payment in full, unless we have a different written agreement between us.
  6. You must not use the data when you do not have a license to do so, and you must delete it immediately your license ends.
  7. You are responsible for complying with all the laws concerning the use of the data. Corpdata is in no way responsible for how you use the data.
  8. Corpdata has no liability for any claims because of the use of the data. If it is decided there is a liability it is limited to the value of the most recent invoice.
  9. We will replace or refund two records for every one record that has gone-away once we have confirmed it.
  10. If you license data for Single Campaign Use, you can use the data as often as you require within one month of when you licensed it.
  11. If you license data for 12 Month Use, you can use the data as often as you require for a period of up to 365 days of when you licensed it.
  12. If you licnse data for Eternal Use, you can use the data as often as you require for an indefinite period.
  13. You must not use that data if you do not have a license to do so, or if the license has been exhausted, cancelled, or has time expired.
  14. We monitor the data for unauthorised usage. The penalties for unauthorised usage of the data are very significant and are intended to dissuade you from this.
  15. English law governs this license. Any legal action must take place in courts in the United Kingdom.
  16. This agreement cancels all other agreements or other discussions about this transaction. The Corpdata Order Form contains information which is part of this agreement.
  17. Changes to this agreement must be agreed in writing by Corpdata in advance. Full Terms and Conditions are available on request, and on our website here.

Terms & Conditions

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